They said that we are sinners

30. july 2013 at 14:53 | Arya Flowerny |  Jednorazovky
Ahoj deti :) všetci na mňa serú. ale Lenka ma požiadala o článok, tak sem dačo dávam :
Niekoľko info o tomto veľdiele: je po anglicky, takže ak tam je veľa cháb, sorry (a opravte ma :D), je to mierny fem-slashík, trocha angst, je to krátke a odveci :) ale celkom ma bavilo to písať, tak prosím povecte, čo si o tom myslíte (ak sem čírou náhodou niekto prídete... T.T)

At the moment when Simi, my girlfriend, entered a room, I knew something was wrong.
"Honey? What's happened?" I came closer and hugged her. She was lightly shaking.
"I hate people," she cried. "Stupid, stupid beings. They don't have an idea how much their words can hurt." I saw tears in her eyes.
"What they said?" I asked angry. I wanted to protect my love.
"Does it really matter?" she asked with the most painful expression I have ever seen.
"Of course it does!" I almost screamed.
"They said that I am disgusting. That you are disgusting. That our love is a sin..."
"You know it isn't true. It is our decision, if it is disgusting or not. It is our decision, if we are sinners or not. We can do what we want to do with our lifes."
She looked at me with something new in her eyes. It was guilty. It was pain.
"I don't want to live like that anymore." These are words that officially killed my heart.
"What-" I started, but then I didn't know what to say next. "What do you mean by that?"
She was avoiding my eyes. "I... I can't be with you."
I couldn't believe my ears. "Are you being serious?" I asked in small voice. Simi just nodded. "Then go. Go the fuck off of my fucking life!" I screamed. After 4 years lasting relationship she broke up because of some homophobic jerks? What she wanted? I gave her everything that I could. It obviously wasn't enough.
"I am sorry. I don't want this, but it is too much. I love you-"
"You love me? My ass! If you would love me, you wouldn't do this! So sorry, girl, but I am not interested anymore. Pack your stuffs and go away," I said really coldly. But I still loved her. Shit, of course I did, love wouldn't fade in 5 minutes. But she disappointed me more than anyone else. She was coward unable to take what people say. I thought she is a little more than that. My mistake. And this was my apartment and I didn't want she to be there. She didn't want to be there too, anyways. She didn't say a word, just walked in the bedroom, opened a wardrobe and started pick her favourite cloths. After half an hour she was gone and I was alone. I could cry, finally. And I did. When no more tears were there, I went to bathroom. I looked at the mirror. I think I have a pretty face. I like my lips and eyes. My nose is way too big, but it's ok. And then, my hair. I love my hair. Long, shiny, dark brown, silk soft... She always played with them. I wasn't thinking, I just took a scissors and cut my precious hair off. They were slowly falling to the ground. When I looked at the mirror again, I was surprised. I almost didn't recognize myself. I looked much younger and -what surprised me- more feminine than before.
I started new life. After few weeks, I forgave Simi what she did to me and I hope that she is happy. Now I see that our love wasn't as big as I thought, but it doesn't matter anymore. It is all past. And you should leave your past behind you, shouldn't you?


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1 Jane Jane | Web | 31. july 2013 at 23:44 | React

Teda, anglicky jsem nečetla už nějakou dobu :D Musím uznat, že to bylo moc pěkné, i když smutné :)

2 El from El from | Email | Web | 1. august 2013 at 9:44 | React

D-O-K-O-N-A-L-É :DD Som rada že si to sem dala :D

3 Arya Flowerny Turner Arya Flowerny Turner | Email | 1. august 2013 at 13:44 | React

[2]: obom ďakujem :)

4 Stella Stella | Web | 3. august 2013 at 21:50 | React

aký krásny pocit byť po tak dlhej dobe na internete na pc :)
oprášiť angličtinu bolo trošku namáhavé, ale poviedka bola krásne napísaná ... ospravedlňujem sa, že som nekomentovala už predošlé články ale môj fungujem-len-vtedy-kedy-chcem mobil s autocorrectom nie je zrovna najlepší na písanie komentov
D-LITE - I LOVE YOU tá pesnička bola úplne krásna .... a už som spomínala ako obdivujem kórejcov za také super klipy robia?

5 Arya Flowerny Turner Arya Flowerny Turner | 4. august 2013 at 14:43 | React

[4]: Chápem ťa, tiež som väčšinu času z mobilu, tiež to má autocorrect a bohužiaľ to má češtinu :D ako mňa celkom baví písať po česky, ale je to odveci. Teraz som kvôli tebe šla na otcov pc, lebo z mobilu mi nešiel napísať koment na blogspote.
Ďakujem :) a pravidelne oprašovať angličtinu je dôležité :)
Ja viem, Daesung je dokonalý ♥ nespomínala si, ale úplne súhlasím :)

6 Domča Domča | Web | 7. august 2013 at 9:34 | React

Bolo to naozaj krásne! :) ...ale smutné je, že takto naozaj končí veľa vzťahov a to len kvôli tomu, že ľudia nevedia tolerovať jeden druhého

7 Arya Flowerny Turner Arya Flowerny Turner | 8. august 2013 at 16:58 | React

[6]: ďakujem ♥ a súhlasím :/

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